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"Years ago, amidst the bustling streets of the Toronto financial district, David Gobeil found himself deeply immersed in the challenges faced by professional financial planners. Over the years, he had witnessed firsthand the complexities of regulatory changes, the demands of clients, and the intricacies of retirement planning. As a seasoned financial consultant, David felt compelled to find solutions that would empower these planners and transform their practices for the better.

Driven by his passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, David embarked on a journey to develop revolutionary tools and resources. His vision was to bring financial planning software to the home computer, starting with the groundbreaking Canadian Retirement Planner's Software—a solution designed to maximize tax savings for clients, unmatched in the market.

Through dedication and insight, David expanded his offerings to include the Personal Financial Planner's Manual and CFP study aids, equipping planners with essential knowledge and preparation for their careers. His products quickly gained acclaim among financial professionals across Canada, setting new standards for efficiency and client service in the industry.

Today, through Gobeil and Associates, David continues to pioneer advancements in financial planning tools and education. His unwavering commitment to empowering financial planners remains at the heart of everything we do."

  • Gobeil and Associates

    “I have used Gobeil's PFP Manual for most of my career. The quarterly updates come with an opportunity to review and take an exam which provides continuing education credits. I would recommend this resource to all financial planners.”

    CPA, CA, CFP®, Ron Graham and Associates Ltd.

  • Gobeil and Associates

    “I have been using Gobeil’s Canadian Retirement Planner's Software since 1992.  It has been one of the easiest projection tools to use over the years.  With as little as 40 input items (birthdates, etc.), I can produce a retirement projection that will tell my clients if they have enough to retire (or how much they need to save to retire).”

    CPA, CA, CFP®, Ron Graham and Associates Ltd.

  • Gobeil and Associates

    “The PFP Manual by Gobeil & Associates is the most concise, up-to-date, comprehensive reference guide I have used in my 30+ year career in financial planning.  The electronic version is particularly convenient to use. Compared to other resources, I find it very reasonably priced.”

    BA, CFP®, R.F.P.®, Premier Financial Planning Services.

Meeting the Needs of Professional Financial Planners since 1970s

For almost half a century, Gobeil and Associates has been a leader in the financial industry, empowering tens of thousands of financial planners worldwide with our suite of professional products. Our experience and dedication have enabled us to develop programs, courses, and software that support your practice and elevate client service.

Explore Our Current Suite of Professional Products

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  • Personal Financial Planner's Manual: Access a comprehensive resource that covers essential topics in financial planning, providing you with up-to-date information and practical insights.

  • Continuing Education Courses: Stay current with industry trends and regulatory changes through our tailored continuing education courses. Earn credits effortlessly while enhancing your knowledge base.

Retirement Software Wide

  • Canadian Retirement Planning Software: Simplify complex retirement planning scenarios with our innovative software. Reduce taxation burdens and offer tailored solutions that meet your clients' unique financial goals.

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