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We have the tools for your Financial Planning Practice with The Canadian Retirement Planner's Software™The Personal Financial Planner's Manual™, and Continuing Education Courses.

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The Canadian Retirement Planner's Software™

enables you to prepare retirement plans for clients in all life situations. If your client is many years away from retirement, you can develop a savings plan allocating savings between pensions, CPP/QPP, TFSAs and RRSPs. If your client is approaching retirement, you can assess an employer's retirement offer and pension benefit alternatives. If your client is already retired, you can determine the amount of lifestyle expenditures they can sustain, plan RRSP and RRIF withdrawals, and project the assets for their estate plan.  

The Software runs on a Windows PC, Ongoing technical support by email and phone! 

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The Personal Financial Planner's Manual™

is a comprehensive guide for current and up-to-date concepts, definitions and strategies required to address your client’s needs The Software runs on a Windows PC or a MAC Computer.

The Manual includes 67 chapters addressing the components of financial planning as defined in the CFP® and the PFP® Professional Competency Profiles: financial planning practices, financial management, tax planning, investment planning, education planning, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning. 

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Current Developments in Personal Financial Planning 

is a series of 4 continuing education courses, each with 6 hours of continuing education credits. You would complete a course by reading certain chapters of a quarterly update to The Personal Financial Planner's Manual and passing a multiple-choice exam.

If have a current subscription to the Personal Financial Planner's Manual, you can complete one of the continuing education courses.  


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